Cold Stone Creamery® Locations

Cold Stone Creamery - 22456

  • 594 Broadway Street
  • Bangor, Maine 04401
  • 2072620171

Cold Stone Creamery - 22954

  • 290 North Street
  • Houlton, Maine 04730
  • 2075210100

Cold Stone Creamery - 23240

  • Daang Hari, Almanza Dos
  • Las Pinas City, Maine 1750

Maine Is Home to Cold Stone Creamery’s Delicious Cakes Family and friends in the heart of Maine love Cold Stone Cakes. You get layers of quality ice cream and moist cake covered with fluffy frosting or fudge ganache. They’re perfect for any event, because you can choose from so many different styles and flavors. Choose from our wide variety of cakes and desserts: Signature Cakes,Themed Cakes,Petite Cakes,Ice Cream Cupcakes You’ll Love Our Signature Cakes It started with our Signature Cakes. Filled with layers of our world-renown ice cream, moist cake, and fresh mix-ins. Each one has an elegant look that makes it the jewel of your dessert table. Choose from such favorites as: Cookie Dough Delirium™ - Moist Yellow Cake and Sweet Cream Ice Cream mixed with cookie dough and rich chocolate shavings, wrapped in yummy white frosting Strawberry Passion™ - Layers of fluffy red velvet cake, strawberry ice cream, and strawberry puree, all wrapped in a fluffy strawberry frosting and a graham cracker crust Midnight Delight® - Irresistible layers of chocolate ice cream and moist chocolate devil’s food cake, wrapped in a rich fudge ganache Themed Cakes are Birthday Wishes Get the kids cheering with one of our Themed Cakes. We layer them with our sweet ice cream and cover them with fluffy white frosting. Then we add our fresh mix-ins and colorful sprinkles. Add your child’s favorite theme to the face of the cake! Yes, that’s right, we can add any theme they like including, Nickelodeon® characters, Disney® heroes, or Marvel® superheroes. Wait Until You Try Our Sweet Ice Cream Cupcakes Try from one of our three delicious cupcake creations: Sweetest Cream™—we nestle moist yellow cake, fudge and sweet ice cream inside a Belgian chocolate cup. Then we top it with a twisting crown of creamy, white frosting. Cake Batter™ Delux—this cupcake is filled with red velvet cake and Cake Batter Ice Cream®. As if that wasn’t enough, we add pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles. Double Chocolate Devotion™—Devil’s food cake, chocolate ice cream, and sweet frosting inside a Belgian chocolate cup. Need I say more?